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Battery Replacement Telstra 89-1326-00-00 Telstra BT184342
Battery Replacement Telstra 89-1326-00-00 Telstra BT184342
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Description Cordless Telephone Battery
Application Cordless Telephone
Original Brand Telstra, Uniden, V-Tech
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage 2.4V
Brand Mi Battery Experts
Width 21mm
Height 10.5mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 45mm
Weight 27g

Ensure the connector matches the type & polarity of the connector on the original battery. 


Suitable For:

Telstra 6010

Telstra 9200

Telstra 9200a

Telstra V850a

Telstra V850q

Telstra V950a

Uniden DECT3015

Uniden DECT3035

Uniden ELITE 9005

Uniden ELITE 9005+1

Uniden ELITE 9035

Uniden ELITE 9035+1

Uniden ELITE 9035+2

Uniden ELITE 9135

Uniden ELITE 9135+1

Uniden ELITE 9135+2

Uniden XDECT7005

Uniden XDECT7005WP

Uniden XDECT7015

Uniden XDECT7055

Uniden XDECT8015

Uniden XDECT8015+1

Uniden XDECT8055

Uniden XDECT8055+1

Uniden XDECT8055+2

Uniden XDECTR005

Uniden XDECTR035BT

Uniden XDECTR035BT+1

Uniden XDECTR055

Compatible With:

Telstra 89-1326-00-00

Telstra BT184342

Telstra BT284342

Uniden BT-694

V-Tech 89-1326-00-00

V-Tech BT184342

V-Tech BT284342

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