PLC-1/2AA-3-057 Eternacell B9650T and Allen Bradley 1747-BA, 1769-BA
PLC-1/2AA-3-057 Eternacell B9650T and Allen Bradley 1747-BA, 1769-BA
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Product Description
Description Specialised Lithium PLC Battery
Application Memory Backup (MBU), PLC Robotics, CNC Machines
Original Brand Eternacell, Allen Bradley
Chemistry Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Voltage 3V
Nominal Capacity 850mAh
Watt Hour 2.5Wh
Brand Master (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Termination Connector
Size 1/2AA
Width 14.5mm
Height 25mm

Replaces Eternacell B9650T and Allen Bradley 1747-BA, 1769-BA.

Suits Allen Bradley A-40063-043-01, 1746-BAS, 1747-BAS, 1747-L20, 1747-L30, 1747-L40, 1747-PT1, 1747-L511, 1747-L514, 1747-L524, 1747-L531, 1747-L532, 1747-L541, 1747-L542, 1747-L543, 1747-L551, 1747-L552, 1747-L553, HHT series, SLC-5/01, SLC-5/02, SLC-5/03, SLC-5/04, SLC-5/05, SLC-500, 1789-BA, CompactLogix 1769, CompactLogix 1769-L20, CompactLogix 1769-L30, CompactLogix 1769-L31, CompactLogix 1769-L32C, CompactLogix 1769-L32E, CompactLogix 1769-L35CR, CompactLogix 1769-L35E, CompactLogix 1769-L3X, MicroLogix 1500


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