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Blick: HHR-65AAAF3 Kirk: DECT Z3020, DECT Z3040, HHR-65AAAF3

Lexel NiMH 3.6v replacement battery pack
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Product Description
Description Cordless Telephone Battery
Application Cordless Telephone
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Voltage 3.6V
Brand Mi Battery Experts
Width 31.5mm
Height 10.5mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 44mm
Weight 39g

Ensure the connector matches the type & polarity of the connector on the original battery.
For termination/connector information refer to connector type CE-N

NEC, 84743411, Lexel NiMH 3.6v 600mAh AAA, NEC 2G4, Nortel NT7B65LD, Nortel NT7B65, Polycom 84743411, Polycom KIRK 3040, Polycom KIRK 4020, Nortel 7420, 7430, 7439, 7440, 7449, Lexel 84743411, Telrad 3040, Telrad 84743411, Interstate Batteries ATEL0064, CPH-464Q3S, 23NO09TT30, AH-AAA600F, Agfeo DECT 30, DECT C45, Elmeg DECT 300, DECT 400-20, DECT 400-40, Tiptel 500 DECT, CS-ACT30CL

Avaya 20DT
Avaya 7439
Avaya 7449
Avaya WT9620
Kirk DECT Z3020
Kirk DECT Z3040
Kirk DECT Z4040
Kirk DECT ZR3040
Nortel 7420
Nortel 7430
Polycom Kirk DECT Z3020
Polycom Kirk DECT Z3040
Polycom Kirk DECT Z4020
Polycom Kirk DECT Z4040

Compatible With:

Blick HHR-65AAAF3
Kirk HHR-65AAAF3
Nortel NT7B65KL
Nortel NT7B65LD
Polycom HHR-65AAAF3
Polycom NT7B65KL
Polycom NT7B65LD


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