Hitachi replacement 18v Li-ion 4.0Ah
Hitachi replacement 18v Li-ion 4.0Ah
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Product Description
Description Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery
Application Power Tool / Cordless Drill
Original Brand Hitachi
Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 18V
Nominal Capacity 4000mAh
Brand Mi Battery Experts
Width 85mm
Height 111mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 118mm
Weight 670g

Ensure the correct charger is used for this battery. Do not attempt to charge on chargers not designed for lithium ion battery packs.

Cells inside this battery pack are premium quality made in Japan.


Suitable For:

Hitachi C18DL
Hitachi C18DLX
Hitachi C18DMR
Hitachi CJ18DL
Hitachi CJ18DLX
Hitachi CR18DL
Hitachi CR18DLX
Hitachi CR18DMR
Hitachi CR18DV
Hitachi DH18DL
Hitachi DH18DLX
Hitachi DS18DFL
Hitachi DS18DFLG
Hitachi DS18DL
Hitachi DS18DMR
Hitachi DS18DVB2
Hitachi DS18DVB2K
Hitachi DS18DVF3
Hitachi DV18DCL
Hitachi DV18DL
Hitachi DV18DMR
Hitachi DV18DVKS
Hitachi G18DL
Hitachi G18DLX
Hitachi RB18DL
Hitachi WH18DFL
Hitachi WH18DL
Hitachi WH18DMR
Hitachi WR18DL
Hitachi WR18DMR

Compatible With:

Hitachi BCL1830
Hitachi EB1814SL
Hitachi EB1820L
Hitachi EB1824L
Hitachi EB1826HL
Hitachi EB1830HL
Hitachi EBM1830
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