Dewalt 14.4v, DE9038, DW9091, DE9091, DW9094, DW906, DW911, DW918, DW931, DW935, DW937, DW941, DW966,PS140
Dewalt 14.4v, DE9038, DW9091, DE9091, DW9094, DW906, DW911, DW918, DW931, DW935, DW937, DW941, DW966,PS140
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Product Description

Dewalt 14.4v Ni-MH 
Upgraded to 3.0Ah Ni-MH !

Description Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery
Application Power Tool / Cordless Drill
Original Brand Black & Decker, Dewalt
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Voltage 14.4V
Nominal Capacity 3Ah
Watt Hour 36.0Wh


Suitable For:

Black & Decker CD1440K
Black & Decker CD632K
Black & Decker CRS144
Black & Decker FS144
Black & Decker FSC414K-2
Black & Decker FSL144
Black & Decker FSQ144
Black & Decker HP532K-2
Black & Decker KC144D
Black & Decker PS144VK2
Black & Decker PS3600
Black & Decker PS3650K
Black & Decker PS3650K-2
Dewalt DC528 (Flash Light)
Dewalt DC551KA
Dewalt DC612KA
Dewalt DC613KA
Dewalt DC614KA
Dewalt DC615KA
Dewalt DC728KA
Dewalt DC730KA
Dewalt DC731KA
Dewalt DC735KA
Dewalt DC735KB
Dewalt DC757KA
Dewalt DC757KB
Dewalt DC830KA
Dewalt DC830KB
Dewalt DC835KA
Dewalt DC835KB
Dewalt DC930KA
Dewalt DC935KA
Dewalt DC935KB
Dewalt DC935VA
Dewalt DC936KA
Dewalt DC936VA
Dewalt DC983KA
Dewalt DC983SA
Dewalt DC984KA
Dewalt DC984KB
Dewalt DC984VA
Dewalt DC985KA
Dewalt DC985VA
Dewalt DCD920KX
Dewalt DCD930KX
Dewalt DCD930VX
Dewalt DW054K-2
Dewalt DW055K-2
Dewalt DW906
Dewalt DW911
Dewalt DW918
Dewalt DW928K
Dewalt DW928K-2
Dewalt DW931K
Dewalt DW931K-2
Dewalt DW935
Dewalt DW935K
Dewalt DW937
Dewalt DW937K
Dewalt DW941K
Dewalt DW941K-2
Dewalt DW954K-2
Dewalt DW966
Dewalt DW966K
Dewalt DW966K-2
Dewalt DW969K-2
Dewalt DW983K
Dewalt DW983K-2
Dewalt DW984
Dewalt DW984K-2
Dewalt DW984KS-2
Dewalt DW985
Dewalt DW985K-2
Dewalt DW985KV-2
Dewalt DW990K-2
Dewalt DW991B
Dewalt DW991K-2
Dewalt DW991KC-2
Dewalt DW991KQ-2
Dewalt DW991KS-2
Dewalt DW992K-2
Dewalt DW994KQ
Dewalt DW996K-2
Dewalt DW996KQ
Dewalt DW996KV-2

Compatible With:

Black & Decker PS140
Dewalt DC9091
Dewalt DE9038
Dewalt DE9091
Dewalt DE9092
Dewalt DE9093
Dewalt DE9094
Dewalt DW9091
Dewalt DW9091 XR
Dewalt DW9094

Contains quality high rate Japanese cells for extra power and long life Important note to our customers on Cordless Drill Battery replacements. ...know what you are buying! Our complete Cordless Drill replacement range of batteries contain premium High Rate Japanese cells. These cells are designed to withstand the very high rates of discharge current and intense cyclic use demanded from trade quality tools. Be assured, cheaper imitations containing unknown cells, will be short on cycle life and poor in overall performance. This is one application where cell quality counts For more information on this subject, please see our Battery Information link under the Information section of our website. This battery is a fully compatible alternatve to the original branded product


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