High Capacity - EXTENDED - HTC Velocity 4G battery.
High Capacity - EXTENDED - HTC Velocity 4G battery.
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Product Description
Description Extended Battery for HTC / Telstra Velocity 4G
Application Smart Phone
Original Brand Google, HTC, Telstra
Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 3.7V
Nominal Capacity 3000mAh
Brand Mi Battery Experts
Width 48mm
Height 10.8mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 54.7mm
Weight 58g

Extended battery with cover that offers up to double the run time of the standard battery.

Supplied with back cover.


AT&T Vivid 4G

Google G20
HTC C110e
HTC Holiday
HTC Omega
HTC PH39100
HTC Raider 4G
HTC Velocity 4G
HTC Vivid 4G
HTC X710a
HTC X710b
HTC X710e
HTC X710s
Telstra Velocity 4G
T-Mobile Raider 4G

Compatible With:

Google 35H00167-00M
Google 35H00167-01M
Google 35H00167-03M
Google BA S660
Google BH39100
HTC 35H00167-00M
HTC 35H00167-01M
HTC 35H00167-03M
HTC BH39100
Telstra 35H00167-00M
Telstra 35H00167-01M
Telstra 35H00167-03M
Telstra BA S660
Telstra BH39100


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Questions (2)
My HTC Velocity 4G was purchased from Telstra in May 2012. From day 1 the battery had to be charged many times a day. I still have the original battery and leave it plugged in when not in use. I'm going overseas soon and want to know how long the extended battery last, as I won't always by in a place where I will be able to charge the battery.

Thank you for your enquiry! Technically, the extended battery is double the capacity of the original, so twice the factory talk time is possible. It is also possible that the phone might have an issue seeing what you described. You won`t know for sure though until you just try a new battery. Battery Doctor

hi will this fit a htc velocity mod no x710b ?

Thank you for your enquiry! Yes it will. We have just amended the cross-references for this on the product listing. Battery Doctor

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