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Supercharge your Electrolux vacuum cleaner battery

 by batterydoctor on 30 Jan 2013 |
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What do you do when your Electrolux Vacuum cleaner starts to run out of sucking power?
Maybe it just sucks!
You can of course go to your local Vacuum cleaner outlet and buy a new battery to replace your old one.
However there is another alternative.  - Battery Repacking.
Sometimes called Battery Refurbishment, this process involves opening up your old  battery pack and replacing the batteries located inside with a new ones.

Pre assembled battery packs are readily available for the Electrolux Vacuums.

A great advantage of repacking is that the new pack inserts are usually much higher capacity.  Often these battery inserts are up to twice the capacity which  means twice the run time of the original. They can often be cheaper as well.

For the Electrolux version  here , the capacity is incresed from 1300mAh to 2500mAh.
If you are handy with a soldering iron then this is a great way to supercharge your vac.

 Suitable for Electrolux 2570, Z570, Z570a, Z750, Z5705
Electrolux 506000289005, A5028, EV127 battery

The Battery Doctor manufactures these packs in their Australian workshops with quality Japanese cells for extended lifespan and performance and are available on this website at the links below.

DIY Insert

Send to us for repacking



Bill Flett - Comment
Bill Flett09 Aug 2013Reply
What is the price for you repacking Z570 battery, how long does it take, postage cost? regards, Bill Flett.
Allan - Comment
Allan09 Aug 2013Reply
Idea is ok but how do i get the case apart as it appears to welll clued
Battery Doctor - Comment
Battery Doctor09 Aug 2013Reply
Hi Allan,

run a stanley blade around the joining seam say half a dozen times.
If it is still stubborn, use a sharp chisel and tap and prise your way around the seam.

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