Sanyo Eneloop AA Ni-MH 2 Pack
Sanyo Eneloop AA Ni-MH 2 Pack
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Product Description

Product Code: HR-3UTGA-BP2

Consumer rechargeable battery

Cordless Telephone, Walkman, Discman, Digital Camera. All devices that can use alkaline batteries of the same size.

Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage: 1.2V
Nominal Capacity: 2000mAh
Brand: Sanyo
Size: AA
Width: 14.5mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 27g

Eneloop is a new type of NiMH consumer battery developed by Sanyo, the world's largest portable rechargeable battery manufacturer.

Eneloop features very low self discharge which makes them ideal for virtually all situations where alkaline batteries are currently used.
Normal NiMH batteries provide much more power to high drain devices compared to alkaline batteries but they can lose most of their charge in a matter of weeks. As a result NiMH batteries are excellent for high power devices such as digital cameras however, unless charged shortly before use, normal NiMH batteries are generally unsuitable for medium to low drain devices because of their high self discharge, especially when use is infrequent. Eneloop eliminates this problem making them ready to use when you are!

Eneloop batteries offer the convenience of being ready to use straight out of the packet for up to one year before requiring recharging. Consumers can buy & use Eneloop batteries immediately & obtain a charger later on.

Once capacity is used & the batteries have been recharged Eneloop battery capacity is approximately 85%* after 12 months storage & still 70%* after 2 years! This convenience plus the extra power of NiMH and the ability to recharge up to 1000 times makes Eneloop the battery of todays high power demands offering vastly superior economy for use in the majority of devices accepting AA or AAA size batteries. You will use hundreds of alkaline batteries just to match the overall life & performance of Eneloop batteries.

Eneloop batteries can be charged on most standard & fast chargers designed for NiMH batteries.

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