Asus V1 series replacement battery
Asus V series replacement battery, Asus VX2 Lamborghini, V1sn, V1s
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Product Description
Description Laptop Computer Battery
Application Notebook & Laptop Computer
Original Brand Asus
Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 14.8V
Nominal Capacity 5.2Ah
Watt Hour 77.0Wh
Width 50.2mm
Height 20.4mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 266.6mm
Weight 428g
Cell Type Used: Samsung Cells Used for superior performance & extended service life.

8 cell battery. High capacity.

Suitable For:

Asus V1 Series
Asus V1J
Asus V1Jp
Asus V1S
Asus V1Sn
Asus VX2 Lamborghini
Asus VX2S-Lamborghini
Asus VX2Sn-Lamborghini

Compatible With:

Asus 90-NGF1B1100
Asus A42-V1
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Questions (1)
Dear BatteryDoctor Team, I don't want to kick the door in with a Star Wars cliché, but you are my only hope. Putting jokes aside, I've been looking for a 90 ngf1b1100 battery for a few weeks now to my old battered ASUS VX2 Lambo laptop, but it is practically non-existent here in Hungary, Europe, Asia, America etc. I found one though at your store for a reasonable 119 AUD: I saw that you ship daily within Australia, but I wonder if you can somehow have this posted to Hungary. Hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg...only a finger maybe :) I know it is extra trouble for you, guys etc, but if I don't ask I'll never know...and I promise I won't tell anybody about this :D Thank you in advance for checking this! Best regards, Andras

Hi Andras, Sorry last one in stock is allocated to another customer and probably discontinued item. We also do not ship these overseas. Sorry we can`t help on this one.

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