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Panasonic 6v 7.2Ah,LC-R067R2P

Panasonic 6v 7.2Ah,LC-R067R2P, for Gallagher S15 and S17 Solar Electric Fence Energiser.
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 Gallagher S15 and S17 Solar Electric Fence Energiser replacement.

Description LC-R067R2P Panasonic Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Application Cyclic & Standby,UPS, Security, Alarm, Instrument, Test Equipment, Toy, Medical Equipment
Chemistry Sealed Lead
Voltage 6V
Nominal Capacity 7200mAh
Brand Panasonic
Termination F1, Faston 187 4.8mm (0.187”) spade terminals
Width 34mm
Height 94mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 151mm
Weight 1260g
Outer Quantity 12

Increased run time.

Suitable For:
3M Healthcare (AVI) CDI Heart/Lung Battery
Agilent Technologies 78333A Monitor
Agilent Technologies M1770 Pagewriter
Agilent Technologies M1771 Pagewriter
Agilent Technologies M1772A Pagewriter
APC BACK-UPS Powerstack 450 (2 Batteries Required)
APC BACK-UPS Powerstack PS250 (2 Batteries Required)
APC BACK-UPS Powerstack PS450 (2 Batteries Required)
APC Power Stack 250 (2 Batteries Required)
APC PS250 (2 Batteries Required)
APC PS450 (2 Batteries Required)
APC SMART-UPS Powerstack 250VA (2 Batteries Required)
APC SMART-UPS Powerstack 450VA (2 Batteries Required)
APC SMART-UPS RM PS250 (2 Batteries Required)
APC SMART-UPS RM PS450 (2 Batteries Required)
Caradyne Criterion 40 O2 Monitor
Caradyne Criterion 60 O2 Monitor
Cardiac Pacemakers Inc ECD - APU Defibrillator
Cavitron Transport Isolette
Corometrics Medical Systems 511 Monitor
Criticare Systems Inc END/TLCO Pulse Oximeter
Foregger Medical Medical Forescope
Gould Inc SP2120 Display Monitor
Gould Inc SP2204 Blood Flow Monitor
HP, Hewlett Packard Pagewriter 1702 ECG (three batteries required)
HP, Hewlett Packard Pagewriter 1721 ECG (three batteries required)
HP, Hewlett Packard Pagewriter M1700 ECG (three batteries required)
Imed Gemini PC-1 Model 1310
Impact Medical Corp 306 Suction Pump
Ivy 700 ECG Monitor
Ivy 701 ECG Monitor
Ivy 702 ECG Monitor
Ivy 704 ECG Monitor
Lifeline Systems ERC 400 Base Unit
Lifeline Systems RC Switchboard
Medical Research Labs 550 ST Monitor
Mennon Medical 931 Porta Scope
MGE ES4 (1 Battery Required)
MGE ESV5 (2 Batteries Required)
MGE Pulsar EL2 (2 Batteries Required)
MGE Pulsar EL4 (2 Batteries Required)
Powerware Powerware Personal 500 (3 Batteries Required)
Powerware Powerware PW5119-1000 (4 Batteries Required)
Powerware Powerware PW5119-2000 (8 Batteries Required)
Powerware Powerware PW9120 BAT-1000 (6 Batteries Required)
Powerware Powerware PW9120 BAT-1500 (8 Batteries Required)
Powerware Powerware PW9120 BAT-3000 (1 Battery Required)
Powerware Powerware PW9120 Bat-700 (4 Batteries Required)
Powerware/Exide Exide Personal 500 (3 Batteries Required)
Spectramed SP2204
Tripp Lite BC205 (1 Battery Required)
Tripp Lite BC205A (1 Battery Required)
Tripp Lite BC 275 (3 Batteries Required)
Tripp Lite BC350 (3 Batteries Required)
Tripp Lite BC375 (1 Battery Required)
Tripp Lite BC400 (1 Battery Required)
Tripp Lite BC400A (3 Batteries Required)
Tripp Lite BC450D (3 Batteries Required)
Tripp Lite BC500/A (3 Batteries Required)
Tripp Lite BC500ALAN (3 Batteries Required)
Tripp Lite Datashield T2+450 (2 Batteries Required)
Upsonic ES 1RU 1000 (4 batteries required)
Upsonic ES 1RU 1500 (4 batteries required)
Upsonic Slim 1000 (2 Batteries Required)
Upsonic SW 1000 (2 Batteries Required)
Upsonic UPS Slim 1000 (2 Batteries Required)
Welch Allyn 75200
Compatible With:
APC RBC18 (2 battery required)
APC RBC34 (4 battery required)
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