Panasonic 6v 4.2Ah,LC-R064R2P,LC-R064R5P
Panasonic 6v 4.2Ah,LC-R064R2P,LC-R064R5P
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Product Description

Our website applies a standard freight charge on most orders of $15.00 AUD including GST per delivery, regardless of quantity ordered. Heavy items such as Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries are an exception to this ....extra freight charges may apply due to weight, transport method and delivery location. We will calculate this and notify you of any extra freight charge after your order is placed. This extra freight charge is at cost- meaning we seek to make no profit on freight. Please feel free to contact us for a quote on freight prior to ordering.

Description LC-R064R5P (LC-V064R5P) Panasonic Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Application Cyclic & Standby, UPS, Security, Alarm, Instrument, Test Equipment, Toy, Medical Equipment, Dustbusters
Chemistry Sealed Lead
Voltage 6V
Nominal Capacity 4500mAh
Brand Panasonic
Termination F1, Faston 187 4.8mm (0.187”) spade terminals
Width 48mm
Height 102mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 70mm
Weight 720g
Outer Quantity 24
Comments Replaces LC-V064R2P.

As used in Coleman Hot water on demand FP645

Suitable For:

Abbott Laboratories Patrol Flexiflo Feeding Pump

Agilent Technologies A1 blood pressure monitor

APC 200DL (2 Batteries Required)

APC 370CI (2 Batteries Required)

APC AP2000 (2 Batteries Required)

APC AP200 (2 Batteries Required)

APC AP370 (4 Batteries Required)

APC AP400 (4 Batteries Required)

APC BACK-UPS 1250B (2 Batteries Required)

APC BACK-UPS 200 (2 Batteries Required)

APC BACK-UPS 250 (1 Battery Required)

APC BACK-UPS 250B (2 Batteries Required)

APC BACK-UPS BK200B (2 Batteries Required)

APC BACK-UPS BK250 (2 Batteries Required)

APC BACK-UPS OFFICE 400 (1 Battery Required)

APC RBK400 (2 Batteries Required)

APC SMART-UPS 250 (3 Batteries Required)

APC SMART-UPS 370 (4 Batteries Required)

APC SMART-UPS 400 (4 Batteries Required)

APC SMART-UPS SU400 (Slimline) (4 Batteries Required)

Baxter Health Care 70000A1

Baxter Health Care Pulse OX/ECG Monitor 3101

Bently Laboratories SM-0200

Bird Products CorporationAvian Portable Ventilator - 15365

Cambridge Med Instruments Model 502

Castle Co 4900E or Table

Criticare Systems Inc 502 Pulse Oximeter

Criticare Systems Inc 504 Pulse Oximeter

Criticare Systems Inc506DX Pulse Oximeter

Criticare Systems Inc 506 Pulse Oximeter

Datex SO O2

Easy Options 250VA (2 Batteries Required)

Elgar IPS400 (4 Batteries Required)

Elgar IPS600 (4 Batteries Required)

Franz Infusion Pump

HP, Hewlett Packard 1758A Codemaster Defibrillator

Impact Medical Corp 315 Suction Pump

Ivac 4410 Vital Check

Ivac 4415 Vital Check

Ladd Medical J3000 Pressure Monitor

Leadman LU-650A (1 Battery Required)

Lifeline Systems H102 Communicator

Lifeline Systems HC102 Auto Dial

Mcgaw Inc 522 Intelligent Pump

Monaghan Medical CorpRespiritory Therapy Unit

Monaghan Medical CorpTVS Spirometer

Nellcor Quick Sign

Ohmeda 504 US Pulse Oximeter

Oreck AV-701B

Oreck Buster B

Orion Research IncElectrolite Analyzer

Orion Research Inc Sodium Potassium Analyzer 1020

Philips A1 vital signs monitor

Puritan Bennett CorpMonitor

Quest Medical Inc 521 Plus Infusion Pump

S.L. Waber 420MT (2 Batteries Required)

S.L. Waber Power House 420T (1 Battery Required)

S.L. Waber Up Start Network 350 (1 Battery Required)

Travenol 70000A1

Travenol Pulse OX/ECG Monitor 3101

Tripp Lite BC 250 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite BC 250B (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite BC 400 (3 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite BC 400LAN (3 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite BC Internet 325 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite BC Personal 200 (1 Battery Required)

Tripp Lite BC Personal 280 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite Datashield DT 250 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite OMNI PRO Network Pro 280 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite OMNI SMART 280 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite PS4.5 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite Smart 250 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite SMART 280 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite SMART PRO Net 280 (2 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite SMART Unison PS450 (4 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite TM420 (3 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite Touchmaster 420 (3 Batteries Required)

Tripp Lite TOUCHMASTER 420 (3 Batteries Required)

Unison DP1000 (10 Batteries Required)

Unison DP800 (4 Batteries Required)

Unisys PS450 (1 Battery Required)

Upsonic LAN 40 (2 Batteries Required)

Welch Allyn Life Signs Monitor 5200-84

Welch Allyn Series 52000 Vital Sign Monitor

Compatible With:

APC RBC1 (2 battery required)

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Questions (1)
Hi is this a rechargeable battery and if so would it be suitable for a santa fe toy train regards p gibbons

Thank you of your enquiry. If it is the ride on train i see on google then this is likely it. Yes rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid. Check the dimensions and voltage against your original. You might also be able to use the 6SB5P. Battery DR

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