Hp Omnibook XE3 , Pavillion 5000, F2024, F2111-60901, F2024-80001A, 2193-80001A, F2024A, F2024B, F3978AV, F3980AV, F3408H, F3459H, F3926H, F4307H
Hp Omnibook XE3 , Pavillion 5000, F2024, F2111-60901, F2024-80001A, 2193-80001A, F2024A, F2024B, F3978AV, F3980AV, F3408H, F3459H, F3926H, F4307H
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Product Description

 Product Code: LB91

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Voltage 11.1V
Nominal Capacity 5400mAh

Diameter/Width 81.8mm
Height 20.2mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 180mm
Weight 433g

This battery is a fully compatible alternatve to the original branded product

Hewlett Packard replacement
F2024A, F2024B, F2105A

HP Omnibook XE3 Series

HP Omnibook XE3L Series

Pavilion 5000 Series
Pavilion N5000

Pavilion N5100 series
Pavilion N5125, Pavilion N5130
Pavilion N5135, Pavilion N5140
Pavilion N5150, Pavilion N5170
Pavilion N5190, Pavilion N5195

Pavilion N5200 series
Pavilion N5210, Pavilion N5221
Pavilion N5240, Pavilion N5241
Pavilion N5250, Pavilion N5261
Pavilion N5270, Pavilion N5271
Pavilion N5290, Pavilion N5295
Pavilion N5210M

Pavilion N5300 series
Pavilion N5310, Pavilion N5311
Pavilion N5340, Pavilion N5341
Pavilion N5350, Pavilion N5351
Pavilion N5371, Pavilion N5381
Pavilion N5390

Pavilion N5400 series
Pavilion N5402, Pavilion N5412
Pavilion N5415, Pavilion N5420
Pavilion N5421, Pavilion N5422
Pavilion N5425, Pavilion N5430
Pavilion N5435, Pavilion N5440
Pavilion N5441, Pavilion N5442
Pavilion N5444, Pavilion N5445
Pavilion N5450, Pavilion N5451
Pavilion N5452, Pavilion N5454
Pavilion N5455, Pavilion N5461
Pavilion N5462, Pavilion N5470
Pavilion N5472, Pavilion N5474
Pavilion N5475, Pavilion N5481
Pavilion N5482, Pavilion N5484
Pavilion N5485, Pavilion N5490
Pavilion N5491, Pavilion N5495
Pavilion N5420L, Pavilion N5421L

Pavilion N5500 Series
Pavilion N5584, Pavilion N5511L

Pavilion N6000 Series
Pavilion N6000, Pavilion n6190
Pavilion N6195, Pavilion n6395
Pavilion N6396, Pavilion n6397
Pavilion N6398, Pavilion n6399
Pavilion N6400, Pavilion n6401
Pavilion N6402, Pavilion n6403
Pavilion N6404, Pavilion n6490

Pavilion XH series
Pavilion XH35, Pavilion XH260

Pavilion XH136 Series

Pavilion XH156 Series

Pavilion XH176 Series

Pavilion XH215 Series

Pavilion XH216 Series

Pavilion XH226 Series

Pavilion XH335 Series

Pavilion XH355 Series

Pavilion XH365 Series

Pavilion XH395 Series

Pavilion XH455 Series

Pavilion XH485 Series

Pavilion XH535 Series

Pavilion XH545 Series

Pavilion XH555 Series

Pavilion XH575 Series

Pavilion XH635 Series

Pavilion XH675 Series

XE3/N5000 Lithium-Ion F2024A OmniBook XE3 Series (up to F2299x)
F2112KG, F2112KT, F2112K, F2112WG, F2112WR, F2112WT, F2112W

F2113KG, F2113KT, F2113K, F2113WG, F2113WT, F2113W

F2114KG, F2114KT, F2114K, F2114WG, F2114WT, F2114W

F2115KG, F2115KR, F2115KT, F2115K, F2115WG, F2115WR, F2115WT, F2115W

F2116KG, F2116KR, F2116KT, F2116K, F2116WG, F2116WR, F2116WT, F2116W

F2117KG, F2117KR, F2117KT, F2117K, F2117WG, F2117WR, F2117WT, F2117W

F2118KG, F2118KT, F2118K, F2118WG, F2118WT, F2118W

F2119KG, F2119KT, F2119WG, F2119WT

F2120KG, F2120KT, F2120WG, F2120WT

F2121KT, F2121K, F2121WT, F2121W

F2122KT, F2122K, F2122WT, F2122W

F2123KT, F2123K, F2123WT, F2123W

F2124KT, F2124K, F2124WT, F2124W

F2125K, F2125W

F2126K, F2126W

F2127K, F2127W

F2261MR, F2261MT, F2261M

F2262MR, F2262MT, F2262M

F2271WG, F2271WT

F2272WG, F2272WT


F2278M, F2287M, F2287W



OmniBook XE3-GD Series AMD (F24xx, F3xxx)
F2409W, F2410W
F2411W, F2412W
F3779WT, F3780WT
F3781WT, F3876WT

OmniBook XE3B Series (from F2300x to F2329x)
F2301K, F2302K,F2303K,F2304K,F2305K,F2306K,F2307K,F2308K,F2309K, F2310K,
F2311K,F2315K, F2316K,F2317K,F2318K,F2319K,F2320K,F2321K,F2325K,F2326K,
F2381K,F2382K,F2431K,F2458K, F2459K

F2300KG, F2301KG, F2302KG, F2303KG,F2304KG,F2305KG,F2306KG,F2307KG,

OmniBook XE3C Series (from F2330x to F2999x)
F2340K,F2341K,F2342K,F2343K,F2344K,F2374K,F2375K,F2376K, F2377K,F2378K,
F2398K,F2399K,F2400K,F2401K,F2402K,F2467K, F2468K,F3770K,F3771K,F3776K,

F2301KR, F2302KR, F2303KR,F2304KR,F2305KR,F2306KR,F2307KR,F2308KR, F2325KR,F2326KR

F2300KT, F2301KT, F2302KT, F2303KT, F2304KT,F2305KT,F2306KT,F2307KT,
F2308KT, F2309KT,F2310KT,F2311KT,F2320KT,F2321KT,F2325KT, F2326KT,


F2301W, F2302W, F2303W, F2304W, F2305W, F2306W,F2307W, F2308W,F2309W,
F2310W, F2311W, F2315W,F2316W,F2317W,F2318W, F2319W, F2320W,F2321W,
F2325W,F2326W,F2381W, F2382W, F2429W,F2433W,F2441W,F2447W,F2458W,


F2300WG, F2301WG, F2302WG,F2303WG, F2304WG,F2305WG,F2306WG,F2307WG,
F2308WG,F2309WG, F2320WG,F2321WG,F2325WG,F2326WG

F2301WR, F2302WR, F2303WR,F2304WR,F2305WR,F2306WR,F2307WR, F2308WR,

F2300WT,F2301WT,F2302WT, F2303WT,F2304WT,F2305WT,F2306WT,F2307WT,
F2308WT, F2309WT,F2310WT,F2311WT, F2320WT,F2321WT, F2325WT, F2326WT,
F2381WT,F2382WT,F2438WT, F2443WT

F2330KG, F2331KG, F2332KG, F2333KG,F2334KG,F2335KG,F2336KG, F2337KG,

F2330KR,F2332KR, F2333KR,F2337KR,F2339KR,F2340KR,F2341KR,F2375KR, F3776KR,

F3708KS,F3709KS,F3711KS,F3719KS,F3722KS, F3725KS,F3877KS,F4139KS,

F3773KT, F3774KT,F3775KT,F3776KT,F3777KT,F3778KT,F3860KT,F4713KT,

F3754M,F3755M, F3756M

F2330W,F2331W, F2332W,F2333W, F2334W,F2335W,F2336W,F2337W, F2338W,
F2339W,F2340W, F2341W,F2342W, F2343W,F2344W, F2374W,F2375W, F2376W,
F2377W, F2378W,F2379W,F2389W,F2390W,F2391W,F2392W,F2393W,F2394W,
F2395W, F2396W,F2397W, F2398W, F2399W,F2400W,F2401W,F2402W,F2403W,
F2468W,F2972W, F2976W, F3757W, F3765W,F3770W,F3771W,F3772W,F3776W,
F3777W,F3855W, F3857W, F3858W, F3859W,F3860W,F3861W,F3862W,F3863W,
F3869W,F3875W,F3877W,F3878W,F3882W,F4298W, F4299W,F4300W,F4301W

F2330WC,F2331WC,F2332WC, F2333WC,F2334WC,F2335WC,F2336WC,F2337WC,

F2401WG,F2402WG,F3759WG,F3760WG,F3767WG,F3776WG, F3777WG,F3778WG


F3708WS, F3709WS,F3710WS,F3711WS,F3714WS,F3721WS,F3723WS,F3725WS,
F3869WS,F4139WS, F4145WS,F4146WS,F4751WS

F2330WT,F2331WT,F2332WT, F2333WT,F2334WT,F2335WT,F2336WT,F2337WT,
F2338WT,F2339WT, F2340WT,F2341WT,F2342WT,F2343WT,F2344WT,F2379WT,
F2389WT, F2390WT, F2391WT, F2392WT, F2393WT,F2394WT,F2395WT,F2396WT,
F3768WT, F3769WT,F3776WT, F3777WT,F3778WT,F3860WT,F3861WT,F3862WT,
F3863WT,F3883WT, F3884WT

Pavilion N5195 Notebook
F1937A, F1938A, F1939A, F1940A, F1941A, F1942A, F1946A, F1951A
F1939AR, F1940AR, F1941AR, F1942AR, F1946AR

Pavilion N5295 Notebook
F2360M, F2361M, F2362M, F2363M, F2364M, F2365M, F2370M,F2371M
F2372M, F2373M
F2360MR, F2361MR, F2362MR, F2363MR, F2364MR, F2365MR

Pavilion N5421L Notebook (Intel)
F2345M, F2346M, F2347M, F2348M, F2355M, F2356M, F2357M, F2354M
F2358M, F2404M, F2415M, F2416M, F3782M, F3866M
F2345MR, F2346MR, F2347MR, F2348MR, F2404MR

Pavilion N5430 Notebook (AMD)
F2418M, F2418MR

Pavilion N5440 Notebook (Intel)
F2405M, F3864M, F2405MR

Pavilion N5441 Notebook (AMD)

Pavilion N5450 Notebook (Intel)
F2406M, F2413MG, F2406MR, Pavilion N5470

Notebook (AMD)
F2407M, F3784M, F3865M, F2407MR

Pavilion N5491 Notebook (Intel)
F2408M, F3785M, F3786M, F2414MG, 2408MR

Pavilion XH176 Notebook
F1947A, F1948A, F1949A, F1949AR

Pavilion XH226 Notebook
F2366M, F2367M, F2369M, F2366MR, F2367MR, F2369MR

Pavilion XH395, Notebook (Intel)
F2349MR, F2353MR, F2456MR, F2349M, F2353M, F2456M

Pavilion XH485 Notebook (AMD)
F2419M, F2420M, F2419MR, F2420MR

F2024, F2111-60901, F2024-80001A, 2193-80001A, F2024A, F2024B, F3978AV, F3980AV, F3408H, F3459H, F3926H, F4307H
F4308H, F4309H, F3886HR, F3924HR, F3927HR, F3928HR, F3929HR, F3930HR, F3931HR, F3933HR
F3886HT, F3933K

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