Clevo 1100 B-5714LI
Clevo 1100 B-5714LI
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Product Description

 Product Code: LB130

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 3800mAh

Diameter/Width 114.3mm
Height 27.4mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 150.6mm
Can be directly interchanged with lithium ion version of battery even though voltage differs. This does not affect computers operation

AJP 1200
AJP 989
Angel Computers 6700T2 PowerNote
Arm 1100
Atasi 1100
Atasi 1200
Chaplet 1100
Clevo 1100
Clevo 3100
DigiBook 1100
Elgar 1100
Eurocom 1100
Formula 1100
Formula 1300
Fosa 1100T
FutureTech FutureMate 1100M
Hewlett Packard - HP 110
Hyundai HN6000
Inca 110
Inca 1100M
Iona 1100
Kapok 1100
Kapok 1100N
Kapok 1100S
Kapok 111SL Kapok 1300
Kapok 1300M
Kapok 3100
LEK Technologies 110
LG Electronics 1200
NEC 110
Nokia 1100
Nokia 3100
Notebook Computer 1200
Panasonic 3100
Prostar 1100
Prostar 1100A
Prostar 3100
Prostar 3203
Safe 1200
Sager 1100
Sager NP1203-S
Samsung 1100
Umax ActionBook 312T
Umax ActionBook 316T
Umax ActionBook 318P
Umax ActionBook 318T
Umax ActionBook 330T
Umax ActionBook 333T
Umax ActionBook 335T

Umax ActionBook 338T
Umax ActionBook 340T
Umax ActionBook 347T
Umax ActionBook 520T Umax ActionBook 533T
Umax ActionBook 535T
Umax ActionBook 540T

This battery is a fully compatible alternatve to the original branded product

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