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Battery replacement - Acer, Hitachi, Maginon, Megapix, Minox, Revue, Rollei, Traveler

Battery replacement - Acer, Hitachi, Maginon, Megapix, Minox, Revue, Rollei, Traveler
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SKU: DCB-02491-0028-01
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Product Description
Description Consumer Digital Camera Battery
Application Digital Still Camera
Original Brand Acer, Hitachi, Maginon, Megapix, Minox, Revue, Rollei, Traveler
Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 3.7V
Nominal Capacity 1100mAh
Brand Master (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Width 36mm
Height 9.8mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 42mm
Weight 26.5g

Suitable For:
Acer CR-8530
Hitachi HDC831E
Maginon DC-8300
Megapix Vx8
Minox DC-8111
Premier BL-5749
Premier DS-588
Premier DS-7450
Premier DS-8330
Premier DS-8340
Premier DS-8350
Premier DS-8460
Premier DS-8650
Premier DS-888
Premier DS-A350
Premier DS-A366
Premier DS-C350
Premier SL-8
Premier SL-83
Premier SL-86 Super Z
Revue DC-8000
Rollei Prego 8330
Rollei Prego DP8300
Rollei Prego DP8330
Starblitz SD840
Traveler DC-8300
Traveler DC-8400
Traveler DC-8500
Traveler DC-8600
Traveler DC-XZ6
Vivitar X30
Compatible With:
Acer 02491-0028-01
Hitachi 02491-0028-01
Maginon 02491-0028-01
Megapix 02491-0028-01
Minox 02491-0028-01
Premier 02491-0028-00
Premier 02491-0028-01
Premier DS8330
Premier DS8330-1
Revue 02491-0028-01
Rollei 02491-0028-00
Rollei 02491-0028-01
Traveler 02491-0028-00
Traveler 02491-0028-01
Traveler 02491-0045-00
Traveler 02491-0045-01
Traveler 02491-0045-02
Traveler 02491-0054-02
Traveler 02491-0054-05
Vivitar 02491-0028-05
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