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Black & Decker 12v Cordless Drill Battery

Black & Decker 12v Cordless Drill Battery
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Product Description
Description Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery
Application Power Tool / Cordless Drill
Original Brand Black & Decker
Chemistry Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 2500mAh
Brand Master (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Width 79mm
Height 71mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 110.5mm
Weight 698g
Cell Type Used: Sanyo Cells Used for Increased run time.

This model is 3 pin version for Australian market including flat charger contact on battery face.


Suitable For:

Black & DeckerBDBN1202

Black & DeckerBDG1200K

Black & Decker BDGL12K

Black & Decker BDID1202

Black & DeckerCD1200SK

Black & Decker CD12SFK

Black & DeckerCDC1200K

Black & Decker CP122K

Black & Decker CP122KB

Black & Decker CP12K

Black & Decker CP12KB

Black & Decker FS1200D

Black & Decker FS1200D-2

Black & Decker FS1202BN

Black & Decker FS1202D

Black & Decker FS12PS

Black & Decker FS12PSK

Black & Decker FSD122

Black & Decker FSD122K-2

Black & Decker HP122K

Black & Decker HP122KD

Black & Decker HP126F2B

Black & Decker HP126F2K

Black & DeckerHP126F2K-XE

Black & Decker HP126F3B

Black & Decker HP126F3K

Black & DeckerHP126FBH

Black & DeckerHP126FSC

Black & DeckerHP126FSH

Black & Decker HP126K

Black & Decker HP128F3B

Black & Decker HP12K

Black & Decker HP12KD

Black & DeckerHP9019HK

Black & Decker HPD1200

Black & Decker HPD1202

Black & DeckerHPD1202KF

Black & Decker HPD12K-2

Black & Decker KC2000FK

Black & Decker PS12HAK

Black & Decker SX3000

Black & Decker SX3500

Black & Decker SX5000

Black & Decker XD1200

Black & Decker XD1200K

Black & Decker XTC12IK

Black & Decker XTC12IKH

Compatible With:

Black & Decker A12

Black & Decker A12-XJ

Black & Decker A12-XJHPB12

Black & Decker A1712

Black & Decker FS120B

Black & Decker FS120BX

Black & Decker FSB12

Black & Decker HPB12

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