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Nickel Metal Hydride Prismatic Cell

Nickel Metal Hydride Prismatic Cell
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SKU: H1350-7/5F6C
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Product Description
Description Nickel Metal Hydride Prismatic Cell
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Voltage 1.2V
Nominal Capacity 1350mAh
Brand Master (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Size 7/5F6
Width 17mm
Height 67mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 6mm
Weight 26.5g

Replaces AD-N55BT, BN-R129, ER-GUM1, GP12M, HF-A1U, HHF-1PSC, HHF-125T,HHF-AZ01, HHF-AZ201S, MHB 901, NC-5WM, NC-6WM, NH-9WM, NH-10WM, NH-14WM, RP-BP140H, RP-BP61

General rule for charging NiCd & NiMH batteries

Increased run time.

Data Sheet H1350-7_5F6C.pdf 


Suitable For:

Aiwa AM-F90

Aiwa AM-HX100

Aiwa AM-HX150

Aiwa AM-HX200

iRiver iMP-350

iRiver iMP-400 SlimX

JVX / Vicot XM-P55SL

Kenwood DMC-P55

Panasonic MJ80

Panasonic MJ88

Panasonic SJ-SW90MD

Panasonic SJ-SW9MD

Sharp MD-MT77

Sharp MD-MT877

Sharp MD-ST66

Sharp MD-ST70

Sony MZ-E10

Sony MZ-E25

Sony MZ-E30

Sony MZ-E33

Sony MZ-E35

Sony MZ-E44

Sony MZ-E5

Sony MZ-E50

Sony MZ-E510

Sony MZ-E520

Sony MZ-E55

Sony MZ-E610

Sony MZ-E70

Sony MZ-E75

Sony MZ-E7W

Sony MZ-E810SP

Sony MZ-E90

Sony MZ-EP10

Sony MZ-EP11

Sony MZ-N1

Sony MZ-N10

Sony MZ-N710

Sony MZ-NF810CK

Sony MZ-R55

Sony MZ-R90

Sony MZ-R900

Sony MZ-R909

Sony MZ-R91

Sony NW-MS11

Sony NW-MS9

Compatible With:

Aiwa MHB 901

Energizer ER-GUM1

Panasonic HHF-1PSC

Panasonic HHF-AZ01

Panasonic HHF-AZ01T

Panasonic HHF-AZ201S

Panasonic RP-BP140H

Panasonic RP-BP61

Sharp AD-N55BT

Sony NC-5WM

Sony NC-6WM

Sony NH-10WM

Sony NH-14WM

Sony NH-9WM

Victor BN-R129

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