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How to install a new battery into a TomTom Go 730 GPS.

 by batterydoctor on 13 Nov 2012 |
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You will need a new replacement battery and a tool kit.
Battery available at:

Tool kit available at:

(This TOMTOM is clipped together and is also secured with special torx screws. The tool kit contains the correct drivers and a plastic prising tool. )
1.Unscrew the two screws at back of the TOMTOM using the correct driver, and pop the tiny  rubber dust cover off the External antenna socket.
2.Gently prise the back cover away from the front panel using the plastic prising tool. Work your way around the edges looking for the clipping points.
3.Separate the face from the rear cover by about 10mm.
4.Lay the GPS on it`s back and expose the inside
5.You will see four screws which hold the main PCB in place which you will need to remove.
Screw 1
Screw 2
Screw 3
Screw 4
6.Prise the PCB out gently and slowly. Keep the GPS face close to the PCB to ensue you do not accidently pull the ribbon cable out from it`s connector.
7.Turn over and reveal the battery
8. Disconnect the old battery by gently pulling the plug
9.Slowly prise the battery up from it adhesive. Patience is required . Use plastic and be careful not to damage any surrounding components or the board when levering.
10.Place some double sided adhesive on the new battery and mount it back in the TOMTOM.

Plug it in the same way as pictured. The plug is designed to fit one way only. Reverse the process to close and finish.
11. Make sure you screw this wire back to the PCB  as shown when closing
12.use your prising tool to help refit the casing together
13.Re-fit the rubber antenna socket plug
The big test!
The battery should have enough charge to power up the unit.


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