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Batteries - Remember the old days?

 by batterydoctor on 07 Nov 2012 |
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Battery technologies and chemistries have progressed rapidly over the past 20 years. In the early nineties, analogue mobile phones manufactured by Motorola for example, often called "bag phones", used large and heavy 12volt SLA (Sealed Lead Acid Batteries) to power them up.

I remember selling these phones from our electronics outlet to tradesman and truckers in particular. At the time, we marvelled at these mobile monsters and at around $2000AUD per phone and wondered if they would really take off. But they did. Professionals realised very early that mobile phones would enhance their business , giving their customers the ability to enquire of them even when they were out and about. At around 800g and full of lead, the SLA batteries that powered them were very heavy. These batteries are still used for special applications and are available from The Battery Doctor at the following link.

The development of the brick phone which incorporated a 7.2v Ni-Cd (Nicad) battery , dramatically reduced the weight to around 200g depending on the capacity and were consequently all the rage for a while.

Today`s modern digital phones primarily use Li-ion (Lithium Ion) cells which weigh in at a measly 20 to 40 g . These tiny batteries reside in a tiny compartment inside your phone that easily fits in your pocket. Miniturisation in electronics has certainly been a key factor in the development of these smaller power sources, but our phone batteries have also come a long way since those old days!.



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