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12v Junior Battery Fighter

12v Junior Battery Fighter
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 Product Code: BFJ012


For SLA Batteries

3 Step Microprocessor controlled Charger for precision charging and longer battery life

Diameter/Width 58mm
Height 83mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 50mm
Weight 450g



12V 750mAh Fully automatic 3 Stage Lead Acid battery charger.


Suitable for batteries - 1.8Ah - 42Ah Capacity.



Step 1: Qualification (Verifies battery status before charging)


Step 2: Bulk Charge (Raises battery voltage up to 80% full)


Step 3 : Float/Maintenance Charge (Maintains a fully charged battery at correct working voltage)


Perfect for a wide range of lead acid battery styles from Flooded, Sealed, Maintenance Free, VRLA, and Gel to AGM, the Battery Fighter SLA Charger Series are in a league of their own able to charge and maintain batteries found in Boats, Cars, Motorcycles, Electric Scooters, Wheelchairs, Golf Buggies...and the list goes on...






Battery Fighter Special Features

- Three Step Microprocessor Electronic Control: The Battery Fighter is an intelligent Four Step charger, able to closely monitor your SLA batteries health and state of charge. It maintains battery condition and charge in a much more controlled way. Your batteries will last longer because of this. This is a big difference between the Battery Fighter and other one or two Step Sealed Lead Acid Chargers.


- Reverse Polarity Protection Fuse and diode protected against incorrect connection


- Spark Proof: Saftey Plus! Arcing and Sparking is the last thing you need when connecting and disconnecting chargers to SLA and flooded batteries.


- Two Colour LED Charge Indicator: Know the state of your battery at any time. No guessing.


- Full 3 Year Warranty!

- Delivery is $10.00 Australia Wide!

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