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Thin film Super Capacitors - the battery of the future.

 by batterydoctor on 15 Nov 2014 |
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Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia, leading the charge for panel-powered car 06 November 2014 A car powered by its own body panels could soon be driving on our roads after a breakthrough in nanotechnology research by aQUT team....

The phenomenon of the swelling phone battery.

 by batterydoctor on 08 May 2014 |
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Perhaps you have noticed that your smartphone is running hot, getting shorter battery life, or even switching off altogether? ... Time to inspect your battery! In most android phones and windows based phones this will be as easy as sliding or unclipp...

Lithium coin cell warning for young children.

 by batterydoctor on 12 Aug 2013 |
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There has been a heightened awareness of the dangers of lithium coin cells following the tragic death of a young child in Queensland. When ingested, saliva can activate the battery causing a reaction that can cause serious internal burns. Even b...

Navman S30 battery replacement

 by batterydoctor on 16 May 2013 |
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   You will need a new replacement battery and a    tool kit.   Battery available at:   Tool kit available at:  ...

Supercharge your Electrolux vacuum cleaner battery

 by batterydoctor on 30 Jan 2013 |
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What do you do when your Electrolux Vacuum cleaner starts to run out of sucking power? Maybe it just sucks! You can of course go to your local Vacuum cleaner outlet and buy a new battery to replace your old one. ...

How to install a new battery into a TomTom Go 730 GPS.

 by batterydoctor on 13 Nov 2012 |
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  You will need a new replacement battery and a tool kit. Battery available at: Tool kit available at: http://www.battery...

Batteries - Remember the old days?

 by batterydoctor on 07 Nov 2012 |
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Battery technologies and chemistries have progressed rapidly over the past 20 years. In the early nineties, analogue mobile phones manufactured by Motorola for example, often called "bag phones", used large and heavy 12volt SLA (S...

Leimo Personal Hair Laser battery replacement

 by batterydoctor on 30 Oct 2012 |
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Replacing the battery in your Leimo is easy and if you can DIY it will save you money! Buy at the following link:
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